Organizations exist for one purpose: Results. Results are created with and through a team of people. The aim of coaching is to increase the effectiveness of executives in creating results. This is done through a series of processes which identify strengths and hinderances. Additional processes are implemented to help individuals apply their learning and commitment to improve results.

Coaching is available for teams both small and large to help them function more effectively in creating results. This goes beyond team building exercises and helps participants create an environment where teamwork can function. This is done through intervention, facilitation and ongoing coaching.

Our approach is tailored to executives and high – performance professionals who seek to amplify the impact of their presence and their ability to influence the attitudes and behaviors of others through verbal and visual communication.
The individual and small-group coaching is based on a relationship of mutual respect, trust and freedom of expression. We focus on sharing practical formulas, winning tools and best practices that can be used and reused throughout your career. Our professional observations and techniques are offered and balanced performance feedback is provided according to the needs of the individual client.

Our work together is geared to life – long learning and development.

  • Long term Performance Excellence. Meet mutually agreed – upon standards of performance, presence, strategic- effective communication across cultures, with a wide variety and audiences.
  • Personal Self – Awareness. Re-assess your professional competencies and potential blind -sides in light of current and future professional responsibilities. See yourself as others see you. Examine your assumptions and patterns of thinking, planning, self – monitoring, and self – evaluation.
  • Self – Correction.  Increase your personal motivation to adapt your style as the result of self – confidence and self-efficacy. Prepare in advance to adjust mentally and physically and in–the-moment and in accordance with emerging and unexpected circumstances.
  • Continuous Personal Growth.  Set goals to speak and network in settings which engage your values and personal enthusiasms and provide challenging opportunities for learning.

Thank you Spencer for allowing me to see the potential in myself. Your coaching provided a base of accountability and established trust which I continue to hold myself to. Working with you has given me the tools and processes to be focused and to improve my leadership behaviors. It has also helped me to enhance my relationships at work and to influence positive behaviors within my team. My team has noticed some of the changes and we continue to grow and improve. I have taken my leadership style to the next level and enthusiastically recommend you as a business and team coach!

– Jill Archunde Santell, General Manager, The Signature at MGM

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