Spencer, This thank you will never be adequate enough for all the service you have rendered to the young women’s organization. It was wonderful to have you be a part be a part of our 4th year adventure – I’m receiving great feedback on how you reached the young women, there was no better message to end the evening with. Your support that weekend was critical and appreciated.

-The Stake Young Women’s Presidency and Camp Leaders 2016
Nevada Red Rock Stake

Our stake does a great two full day mission prep training for our Priest age young men that we call ALMA Camp. Spencer Horn did a 3-hour training with our 80 young men. He trained and taught all of them at the same time and it was POWERFUL. He made a positive impact on all of us. After the camp, we surveyed the young men on what they liked and disliked about the camp. Keep in mind, we have many powerful activities going non-stop from Thursday night through Saturday night. Many of the young men stated that their time with Spencer was their favorite part of the entire event. Spencer is a powerful teacher and can help change lives. Even though Spencer and I have had this brief experience together, I consider him a good and trusted friend. That is the kind of man he is.

-Dale Stanford, Young Men’s Presidency 2015
Utah Morgan Stake

On behalf of the Red Rock Stake Young Women and Leadership, we want to express our great appreciation for your efforts rendered this summer as you not only served and taught us during our 4th Year Adventure, but you pulled double duty as you served us again at Beehive Camp as well.

To thank you adequately is impossible. You sacrificed your personal time, resources and funds with a plate that is already full with church, family and work responsibilities…for that we are grateful.

Thank you for being a part of these events and helping our youth feel comfortable, giving them a platform to voice their individual struggles in a safe environment and in turn providing them with the tools they need to be confident young women and leaders. We love having you join us and bring our activities to another level.

We trust that they will remember over the years the spirit that they felt during these times with their stake family.

Sincere thanks…

-Pam Brooks, Young Women’s President 2015
Nevada Red Rock Stake