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Are You Having Fun Yet?

I often speak with high performing individuals who are not satisfied with their lives and their work.

Recently I was coaching a president of a company, who I admire. We were talking about how to be more effective in her role and better balance all of her demands. I asked her if she was having fun! She said no, yet she works in a profession of her choosing that she loves.

Being happy really is about choice. You can always choose to do something else. You can choose to change how you feel about your life.

Do a little experiment with yourself. Close your eyes and think of a memory in your life that makes you happy. You probably had no problem thinking of something and you may have even smiled to yourself.

The happiness you feel does not come from the moment, but how you choose to feel about that moment. You decided that the moment is a happy one.

It is not moments that define our happiness but how we choose to feel about moments that determine our happiness. Choose wisely, because it is in your choices that your power, freedom, potential and happiness exist. 

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