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4 hours (1/2 day)

Hire the right person—the first time. In this course, learn how to create accurate Job Models for attracting, interviewing, and hiring the best candidates.

Course Benefits

The Job Modeling Process

STEp 1

Spencer Horn Solutions will provide PDP ProScan personal communication surveys to a sampling of top performers currently in the position job model to be determined.

From this sampling, one job model will be created:

Job model from the communication surveys of team members with the highest success rates in each position. If there is no successful role model, we will use a Job Dynamic Modeling system referenced in step 2.


From the job model of successful performing team members, Altium Leadership will work with the Women’s Business Group, executive team to complete a Job Dynamics Analysis (JDA) of actual work criteria. These additional insights will create a combined picture of the successful performer’s actual traits as well as their specific perceptions of what is required to be successful in their position. See JDA questionnaire attached with this proposal.


Altium Leadership will present a final draft version of the Job Model to make final adjustments. From this final draft, we will create a list of recommended key words and phrases to be used in advertising to attract ideal candidates and will work with you to create the final ad copy.


Altium Leadership will create final job model for your business. This will allow you to generate candidate interview guides and automatically generated behavior-based interview questions for each candidate surveyed anytime in the future. See final job model example and a sample of the candidate Interview Guide attached with this proposal. We recommend 2-3 executives become PDP certified. We will teach you how to create your own reports and hiring tools.