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I assume you want to be happy in your work and your life. I have found that one of the greatest sources of happiness in my life come when I recognize, motivate, and encourage my relationships. How you deliver a message is more important than the message itself. How many times in your life have you heard this? How we communicate has a profound influence on those we communicate with. As managers and leaders, we can inspire, uplift, and encourage, or to frustrate, demotivate and disengage those we work with.

American psychologist, Frederick Herzberg, developed the theory of motivation. He said that employee satisfaction has two dimensions: What he called “hygiene” and motivation. Interpersonal relationships, working conditions how an employee is supervised and paid are hygiene matters which will not increase satisfaction, but if they are absent will decrease an employee’s satisfaction with their job.

Motivation factors include recognition, growth opportunities, responsibility and achievement which make workers more productive, creative, engaged and committed. When it comes to positively impacting those we work with, helping our people learn, grow, encouraging them and recognizing them for their efforts is more important than money.

To demonstrate the impact of your influence as a manager, we regularly conduct live motivation experiments called “good coach, bad coach,” in our workshops. There are basically three roles representing a good manager, a neutral manager, and bad manager The results are clear, the good manager aways creates good results and motivation. The neutral and bad manager create poor to no results and the employees are frustrated and disengaged. Which kind of manager are you? 

Something as simple as improving how you deliver a message, encourage, and motivate will make a powerful impact on your results. If you are not achieving the results you desire, it is important to become aware of your role in those results. Often managers want to double down on what doesn’t work rather than owning their behavior. You deserve to enjoy your work. Your employees deserve to have a manager and leader who helps them love what they do. They will reward you with effort and results.  

Here are some tips to motivate your team for better results:

1.    Communicate effectively: Be clear, concise, and specific when delivering your message. Use positive language and provide constructive feedback.

2.    Encourage and recognize your team: Celebrate small wins, give positive feedback, and recognize your team’s efforts. This will encourage them to continue working hard.

3.    Provide growth opportunities: Offer training, mentorship, and development opportunities to help your team learn and grow in their roles.

4.    Delegate responsibility: Give your team autonomy and ownership of their work. This will make them feel trusted and valued.

5.    Lead by example: Be a role model for your team. Demonstrate the behaviors and attitudes that you expect from them.

You can do this! The people in your personal and professional life deserve your best.

Success to you!

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