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If Chairs Could Talk

1 HOUR (60 Minutes)

Most organizations struggle with communication. It is often listed as the number one problem executives have in leading their businesses. They struggle with silos, lack of clarity, disengagement, incomplete information, bottlenecks and more. These breakdowns cost organizations millions of lost revenues each year. Managers are unable to get buy-in for change initiatives, so they are delayed. Customer feedback does not get to the people who can take action. Vision, mission, values and goals or poorly communicated often-leaving team members in the dark with little direction and motivation. New employees are quickly indoctrinated to the corporate communication practices and become disengaged.

We will provide a highly interactive process, which reveals your KCI’s (key communication indicators). This process allows people to experience the realities of organizational communication and connect their different roles to various situations and flows of communication. Each person will learn what choices and opportunities for improvement they have based on the different roles and situations (which chair am I in?) they find themselves in. Participants will learn how they can immediately improve their own communication flow and improve productivity and engagement.

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