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What makes a project manager an effective leader

If you are a project manager why should you even care whether or not you are an effective leader. Tune into Spencer Horn as he shares with you this revolutionary insight that will change the way you approach your managerial role.

What Is The First Step In The Decision-Making Process

Everyday we make hundreds of decisions. Many don’t matter that much, but when it comes to the workplace decisions can have very large ramifications. Learn how you make decisions and how you can mold that.

Why Is Authentic Leadership Important In The Workplace?

Have you ever wondered why is authentic leadership important in the workplace? Does authenticity really matter as a leader? Learn more about how this trait can benefit your team by watching this video!

How to develop empathy as a leader

As a leader, your team can only grow as much as you do! If you take the time to hone your skills and attributes, you can also improve the effectiveness of your team! So watch this video to learn more about how to develop empathy as a leader!

Love What You Do!​

Many people are frustrated with their work. Do you have a job, a career, or a calling? The choice is yours!

Getting To The Top!​

What does it take to get to the top? It takes some planning and a lot of action. Consistently moving toward your goal.

Becoming a project management influencer

Strengthen Your Brand: Would you like to be able to earn more, improve your relationships, and speak so people will listen?

5 Ways To Own The New Normal

5 ways to own the new normal is his presentation, “Put on Your Mask AND Cape!”

What Is The Best Leadership Style For Effective Managers Today?

What type of leader are you? There are many different types of leadership styles you can implement, but which one brings out the best in your team? Find out what is the best leadership style for effective managers today by watching this video!

Staying Relevant In The Age Of AI And Big Data​

Learn what skills you need to learn that will not be automated and increase your value as a project manager

Close The Productivity Gap With Altium Leadership​

Shift from individual agendas to team goals and strategies to achieve business results.

Managing Others Who Avoid Responsibility​

How do we deal with others in our life who don’t accept total responsibility?

The Impact Of Blame​

Blame can cause learned helplessness and negatively impact our ability to change our circumstances. Take a moment and self-assess…

Be the Cause

Be The Cause is related to the 90/10 principle. It is the law of the harvest. Taking responsibility for the the results and outcomes in your life is the…

Value Victory

When you make time in your life for the things you have determined are most valuable, you increase your satisfaction for life and work. You will…

Happiness & Control

Our happiness has less to do with the control we have over our circumstances and more to do with the control we think we have.

Is Your Life Aligned With Your Values?​

There is a positive impact when we live our lives in alignment with what we say is most important to us. It gives us the power to reject trivial…

Hardship Can Be A Powerful Catalyst For Positive Change​

I say can, because we have a choice. We take ownership for changing our circumstances or we can blame. Often we choose to avoid…

Let's Talk Business Development​

It is time to jump start our business growth. Call us today to discuss how we can help your sales team immediately improve productivity.

Invitation To Connect During Extraordinary Times

We are connected on LinkedIn. I would like to get to know a little about you. During these extraordinary times, we get to rely on each other for help, support and counsel to emerge…

Be Positively Infectious

We live in a society were placing blame is deeply rooted in our culture. This makes taking responsibility for our results and outcomes difficult. Additionally, our attitudes and actions are completely infectious and can impact others…

LinkedIn Networking Chat

Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn. Let’s get to know each other. Please schedule a brief introductory chat. Here is a link to my calendar…

How To Beat The Odds Of Quitters Day

Many of us began the new decade with resolve to be better, eat healthier, use time more wisely, be more present, save more, earn more, achieve more, experience more. If you are like me, you were…

How Infectious Are You?​

You have the ability to influence people just with a smile. Keynote speaker Spencer Horn interacts with the audience to conduct a social influence experiment.

Own Your Outcomes!​

Live Segments on “The Ownership Factor: Own Your Outcomes!” and “The Neuroscience of Effective Leadership”

Elevate Leadership: Manage Task & Relationship​

A big part of emotional intelligence is effectively balancing tasks and relationships. Some leaders are great at getting the task done, then focusing on relationships. Others may be great a…

One Tip To Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Many of us make resolutions at the beginning of the year and give up within a few weeks. One simple tip will help you persist and succeed with your efforts to change.

The Power Of Focus​

Our brains are designed to find evidence of what we believe. This focus can be on positive or negative evidence which will then create the outcomes of that focus.

Let's Get Happy: Three Tips To Feel Happier Today.

There is no question there is a need for us to feel happier. There are a few simple things you can do to feel happier:

Results in Sales

A presentation given for the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce.

How Will You Manage A Team Under Pressure?​

We all deal with pressure from different sources every day! But, as a leader, the way you handle pressure can greatly affect the rest of your team! So how will you manage a team under pressure? Watch this video to find out what you can do to improve under these circumstances!

What Are the Features Of Effective Team Performance?

If you feel like your team is not performing at its best then this video is for you? Don’t mistake your team for a group. A high performing team requires specialized roles that creates interdependence and consistency produces results sustainably.

How To Increase Team Motivation Satisfaction And Performance

Do you feel like your team needs a little boost in their spirits? There are many different things you can do as a leader to keep your team happy!

How To Build A High Performing Team

Collaboration is key when it comes to working in teams!