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8 hours (1 day)

This one-day session will build the mentoring skills to confidently move people to higher levels of performance and goal achievement – all done in a way that benefits the individual, rewards the mentor and creates a stronger, talented organization.

Rewards to Expect

Mentor Working Definition

Individuals within the organization who can teach based on their own experiences, and who have an interest in developing and guiding others.

Mentoring is not a one-time event, but a process of periodically connecting with an individual and supporting them in becoming more productive and successful.

One-on-one mentoring involves reviewing an individual’s ProScan report, then setting Action Plans for reaching personal and professional goals

Forms Needed:

1. For you, the Mentor Form provides a way to track the conversation and write action plans to best support the individual.

2. For the individual being mentored, the Action Plan provides a way to capture key items to work on and goals to accomplish.

Tools Provided

The ProScan Mentoring Manual and eCertification online access are designed to provide you with a road map to follow for your mentoring activities. You can feel confident in creating the kind of mentoring environment that will lead to reaching your goals as a mentor, along with enabling the individual you are mentoring to reach their goals. You will also be granted access to our ProScan Mentor eCertification which will enable you to reinforce classroom work.

Rewards to Expect