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When we put personal interests and ourselves first it erodes the trust and willingness of families and team members within an organization to support one another and achieve goals. When challenges occur, we are less prepared to face them effectively. When working together and put each other’s interest first, cooperation, love, understanding and trust grows. When there is a culture of service dealing with inevitable challenges and change is easier to handle. Better outcomes are produced, therefore, allowing the business and family life to thrive.

Is it reasonable to think that your family and business will never face serious challenges? When those challenges occur, how does each individual show up? Do they keep their eye on the potential opportunities? Do they remain open to each other’s ideas and feedback? Are they allowing of other’s behaviors and willing to embrace and offer support? Or, do they worry about their own needs and interests and how they are impacted?

In the constantly shifting global marketplace and home life, understanding the dynamics of change is essential. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants gain vital skills by learning to understand the challenges that arise when competition amongst each other overshadow teamwork.

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