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The Color of Success

I learned the color of success on my first trip to Bali, Indonesia. The magical color of success is gray. My wife and I landed in Bali after speaking at conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I had just given a keynote titled, “Flexible Authenticity”. When we arrived in Bali, we noticed the three colors of black, […]

Finding Strength in Your Weakness

I would like to argue against the theory that leaders benefit when they only utilize their strengths and surround themselves with people who have different strengths. Here are examples of that theory: “Employees are happiest when they can utilize their strengths every day at work.” Authors Tom Rath and Barry Conchie argue, “If you spend […]

Pause…Enjoy Magic!

Have you noticed people often seem frustrated, anxious, and quick to anger these days? Maybe you have been on the receiving end of bad behavior, or maybe you have been the one sharing your frustration? With worldwide pandemics, economic uncertainty, political and ideological battles, and worse, warfare, it is no wonder so many are on […]

How To Solve More Problems As A Leader

7 Steps For A More Productive Team One of the problems I see with leaders is they solve too many problems. Wait…you just said this article is about solving MORE problems, not that I am solving too many! That is right. Sometimes we get so solution oriented, and so bottom-line obsessed, we actually make more […]

Act As If…Today!!!

Experience the fulfillment and happiness of achieving your future goals, your new year’s resolutions TODAY! Over the years I have learned a principle of success called “act as if”. Believe, think, act, dress, talk and feel like someone who has already achieved success. The idea is to begin to program your subconscious to find ways […]

When Being Too Smart Hurts You

Is being too smart getting in your way of being more effective as a leader? In his article “Leadership that Gets Results” (Harvard Business Review, March-April, 2000), Daniel Goleman reported on studies, which rated emotional intelligence as a predictor of success in business as more significant than intelligence and technical skill. He states, “New research suggests […]

Silence Your Saboteur!

Learn How We Derail Our Goals And Steps To Get Back On Track Several years ago I had the opportunity to work with a personal coach. I learned how I (and others) self-sabotage when working towards our goals. In my initial meetings through various processes, my coach discovered my values and goals in several areas […]

Sharpen Emotional Intelligence By Observing Others

My Emotional Intelligence Experiment One strategy to increase emotional intelligence is to observe behavior in other people. I have found two places that I enjoy watching behaviors in people. One is in films and the other is at airports. Movies and television are a good place for me to identify behaviors that I recognize in […]

5 Suggestions to Achieve Your Dreams

Suggestions to achieve your dreams: 1. Have a big vision for your life. 2. Be teachable and teach others. 3. Be willing to fail. 4. Focus on what is important. 5. Do what you fear. Themes: Vision, achievement, self-development