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There Is An “I” in Team

(Keynote or workshop, Leadership all levels)

Team performance starts when you ask, ‘how can I take more responsibility for my team’s troubles instead of pointing at others?” “How can I match my good intentions to my impact so I can be the leader and team member my team deserves?” Only 10% of teams are high performing. Sustainable high performance is possible. The “I” is your impact! There is often a gap between your good intentions and your impact. We will discuss why that happens and how you can close this gap and create the conditions of psychological safety needed to help your team members engage and perform at a higher level. You will improve your ability to solve challenges you face every day and achieve your goals more successfully. The “I” in Team will help your ability to think clearly under pressure, manage and motivate people effectively, and to change your approach as necessary. It will help you improve your emotional intelligence and your impact!

Keynote Benefits

This topic provides you with the skills to recognize how emotions drive behaviors, the difficulty in managing your emotions, and the emotions of those around you. Gain tools to manage interpretation of information and review appropriate levels of reaction. As a leader, you will become more aware of your unconscious behaviors and learn to effectively manage your emotions to make conscious decisions for better outcomes.